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21 days of prayer

Day 16

January 20th

“Be Like Jesus” – Megan Wilson, Children’s Pastor

“And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.”
1 Corinthians 11:1 NLT

In this passage, Paul is telling the church in Corinth to be like him, not specifically Jesus. But why? Shouldn’t we always be pointing people to Jesus and not ourselves. Yes!… But because these believers didn’t really know Jesus yet, how could they imitate Him? Paul was giving instructions to these people on how to live a Christian lifestyle and their best example was to imitate him, as he imitated Christ. These believers were “young Christians” who would not have understood what it meant to “be like Jesus.”

This is why it is SO important for us, as believers, to not only tell people about Jesus, but you must BE like Jesus. We must imitate Him in every way. The world is going to look to you to show them the example of how to live as a Christian. We must make sure that our lifestyles reflect Christ’s at all times! Always allow the world to see Him in us. Like a very wise pastor (ahem, Pastor Wesley...) once said, “Shut up and be like Jesus!”

Father, thank you for your Word! Thank you for the examples that you give us of your disciples and how we should act. Help me to always remember that no matter what, I am a reflection of you. Help me to have life giving words and honorable actions at all times. May my life be a witness to someone else so that they may find you through me.

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