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21 days of prayer

Day 15

January 19th

“Work on God’s House” – Chris Lotz, Executive Pastor

Haggai 1:13-14
Then Haggai, the LORD’ s messenger, gave this message of the LORD to the people: “I am with you, ” declares the L ORD. So the L ORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua son of Jozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of the whole remnant of the people. ...They came and began to work on the house of the L ORD Almighty, their God.

At the beginning of every year, there is a lot of focus within our society on “work that needs to be done” in our lives. We tend to call these things resolutions. Some people make resolutions to work on their health; so they commit to go to the gym, start a diet or begin an exercise routine. Other people will make a resolution to be financially healthy; so they make a budget to live on, they commit to spend less than they make or even to work towards eliminating debt. Our resolutions generally help us to identify the areas of our life that need work.

That’s what is so great about our “21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.” This is a time that we intentionally set aside to work on God’s house within us. Just like these other areas of our lives, our spiritual lives need to be focused on. I can’t think of a better time than at the beginning of the year for us to establish God as primary focus of our attention.

Prayer: Dear God, I pray that during this season of 21 Days of prayer and fasting that You would help me to see anything in my life that separates me from You. Help me to be honest with You and with myself about the things in my life that need work. I also pray that You would allow this time to be more than just a season, but instead a launching pad toward a closer and more intimate relationship with You.

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