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After over seven years of serving in full-time ministry in LaGrange, GA, Wesley and Jessica Weatherford stepped out on nothing but faith and began pursuing the destiny that God had placed on their lives. After sensing for a great deal of time the strong desire to plant a church, they stopped using the excuses of Why? Where? and How? And concluded, Why Not? Why Not step out on faith like Jonathan did in 1 Samuel 14 and countless numbers of men and women have throughout history? Why Not leave the comfort and safety of where they are to pursue the uncertainty of where God is taking them? Why Not trust God and believe that He will do amazingly incredible things in them and through them? Understanding that the story is not about any of us but that it’s about Christ, they are striving to become great storytellers of the awesomeness of Him.

When Wesley and Jessica left LaGrange, they desired to Pastor a church with a passion for changing the lives of people from all walks of life. After arriving in Augusta, they started connecting with people of like hearts and like passions and formed a team of people willing to pay the price of what it takes to plant a great church.  That original team of 9 people began to meet every week and started having conversations about what Oasis should look like, feel like, and ultimately become.  The dedication of those original nine people was the foundation of what Oasis is today.

In February of 2009, Oasis had its soft opening at the Tobacco Road Elementary School.  After a year of setting up and tearing down each week, Oasis had built a solid base of people, approximately 40-45 in number.  It became apparent that it was time to move from the temporary location at the school to a more permanent space.  So, in February 0f 2010, Oasis launched a Grand Opening at 716 Broad St. in downtown Augusta.

Oasis experienced some exciting times on Broad St.  It was an exciting season.

Because of growth Oasis was forced to relocate again – this time to Regal Cinemas 20 on Agerton Lane, where God did some incredible things in the five months Oasis was there.

The opportunity then presented itself for Oasis Church to merge with Hephzibah Church of God, a church with a rich history in the community, and from these two great churches, OASIS CHURCH AT HEPHZIBAH was born.  It’s an exciting time, and we are excited about the future of Oasis Church at Hephzibah!

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